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Software for the adaptation of contact lenses in patients with keratoconus

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Contact Information

  • Raúl Martín Herranz
  • Campus Miguel Delibes, Paseo Belén, 7
    Valladolid, Valladolid (47011) - Despacho B106
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  • 983184848
  • 983423013

Basic Information

  • UniversityUniversidad de Valladolid
  • Center
  • DepartmentTheoretical, Atomic and Optical Physics
  • Investigation Group


This software addresses the complex process of adaptation of permeable and rigid contact lenses to RPG gases in patients with keratoconus. Keratoconus is a pathology that causes cornea thinning and an increase of the curvature resulting in ectasia or protrusion progressively. This pathology distorts the patient’s vision and the use of glasses or conventional contact lenses (soft) do not allow to obtain good vision, causing a great impact upon these patients’ quality of life. Those affected require the adaptation of RPG contact lenses with specific or special designs and geometries to improve their vision. The adaptation of this type of contact lens are considered to be long and complex processes as they require numerous trial contact lenses and many patient’s visits. The project’s software allows the calculation of the first RPG trial lens and provides the lens’ parameters to adapt in case of keratoconus, allowing to confront this type of tests with assurance, efficiency and using minimum equipment of any optometric cabinet. The goal of this software is summarised in offering an innovative technological solution that improves the quality of the assistance services provided to keratoconus patients to improve their quality of life with the adaptation of RPG contact lenses in a swift, secure and effective way helping vision experts to reduce the complexity of the adaptation process of contact lenses.

Other information

Number of researchers:


Technological Line(s):

- Diagnosis and prognosis

Development status:

Developed but not marketed

Intellectual Property Rights:

Registro de Propiedad Intelectual

Differentiation in the market:


Applicability of technology:


Companies and markets:

Vision science. Vision. Diagnosis. Optics. Optometric.


- The development of a new computing tool is addressed for the first time, which facilitates the adaptation of RPG contact lenses in keratoconus patients from clinical variables and not just geometrical or mathematical like the classic approach of computing tools available so far. - The prospective and clinical validation of the adaptation nomogram inside the software of this project has proved to be a significant improvement included in the selection of the first trial lens in case of keratoconus. - The project’s software allows the simplification of the adaptation process of RPG contact lenses in eyes with keratoconus, improving the current indications available for adaptation and being the only software that has been calculated and validated in a clinical way with real patients.

Additional Information:

Premio Prometeo 2016 (Award organized by the University of Valladolid).


2209 - Optics

Other members:

Sara Ortiz Toquero


Other resources

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