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LABORATORY - Laboratory of Social Entrepreneurship (UVaLES)

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Contact Information

Basic Information

  • UniversityUniversidad de Valladolid
  • Center
  • DepartmentPhilosophy (Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Theory and History of Education, Moral Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of Arts)
  • Investigation GroupSocial Entrepreneurship Laboratory


The UVa social entrepreneurship laboratory (UVaLES) is created as a space for creation and co-creation, experimentation and validation of "fused" social entrepreneurship projects.

The UVaLES aligns with the SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals) and the 2030 Agenda, mainstreaming sustainability through multilevel governance.

It focuses on vulnerable, marginalized, excluded groups, and INCLUDES them; He addresses them, WITH THEM, whom he considers ACTIVE subjects that are part of a DIVERX SPACE, supporting entrepreneurial actions, that is, the development of projects in principle personal-germinal.

The UVa-LES has several sections:

  • Academy (with two levels, pre-acceleration of entrepreneurial competence in undergraduate students and postgraduate acceleration of entrepreneurial competence);
  • Germinal (development of social entrepreneurship projects validated by tender);
  • Challenges (proposal of a collective theme to develop a protocol for dealing with complex situations and their resolution through the social entrepreneurship model);
  • Observatory of the Future and Project Accelerator.
Through UVaLES, social entrepreneurship projects are promoted, which can be individual or team-based, or can be integrated into a hybrid value chain. They can contain a product or a service, or both, or begin as a product that becomes a service.

A creation space is offered since the merger with the lean methodology of social entrepreneurship. Our methodology implies: detecting a problem-need (within the framework of the SDG-Agenda 2030); conduct a field-state study of art combined with the methodology / technology-neuroscience.

We offer a solution / response if possible experiential (product-service or both) integrating into it the marginalized, excluded or at risk of being or being. They are the center in the projects, either because they lead the proposals from their personal perspectives, or because they act as sherpas in the diverse space in which they move. Social inclusion mainstream all proposals.

Microforming is also offered in accelerating entrepreneurial competence with an inclusive social focus.

Other information

Number of researchers:


Technological Line(s):

- Solutions for social inclusion
- Other UVa laboratories

Development status:

Dispone de productos/servicios desarrollados

Differentiation in the market:


Applicability of technology:



2490 - Neurosciences

Other members:

Alberto Mansilla
Jesús María Gómez
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Elena Martín
Concepción Unanue
Elena Gil
Clara de Pedro
Nuria García Perales
Gemma Villegas
Irene González Aranda
Miriam Lobato



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