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International crisis studies.

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Contact Information

  • Plaza del Campus, S/N
    Valladolid, Valladolid (47011)
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  • 983184670
  • 983423007

Basic Information

  • UniversityUniversidad de Valladolid
  • Center
  • DepartmentModern, Contemporary and American History, Journalism and Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
  • Investigation GroupResearch Group on International Crises (GICI)


The International Crisis Research Group, established in 2016 by the International Campus for Security and Defense CISDE, as its main objective is to contribute to research and knowledge transfer for the improvement of national security. To this end, it delves into the study of international crises related to the field of Security in its broadest concept to, later, build a Database and scientific publications on crises that have directly or indirectly affected Spain, within the geographic framework adjusted to the National Security Strategy, since 1957 (date of the Ifni war).

The Group's main lines of research focus on the following aspects:
- Concept analysis and crisis management
- Spanish policy in international crisis management
- Crisis management in international organizations in states and political communities (EU)
- Crisis management in humanitarian organizations
- Military management in international crises
- Historical crisis processes arising through armed, economic and social conflicts

Other information

Technological Line(s):

- Sector intelligence for decision making

Development status:

In research and development phase

Differentiation in the market:


Applicability of technology:


Companies and markets:

Ministry of Defense, National Intelligence Center, Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, Higher Center for National Defense Studies, publishing sector. Markets of interest: reports to political groups and institutions related to the field of Security and Defense. Students in the fields of International Relations, Geopolitics, Security and Defense.

Additional Information:

Publicación del Grupo:

Fernando Toboso Marqués y Agustín J. Pérez Cipitria (Coords.) Crisis Internacionales. La Geopolítica de España en acción, Sevilla, CISDE Editorial, 2020,
Campus Internacional para la Seguridad y Defensa (CISDE):


5901 - International relations

Other members:

Agustín Pérez Cipitria
Alfredo Velasco Pedrosa



Other resources

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