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LABORATORY - Cartography Laboratory and geographic information systems (LACASIG)

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Contact Information

  • Jose Luis García Cuesta
  • Plaza del Campus, S/N
    Valladolid, Valladolid (47011) - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
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  • 983186585
  • 983423007

Basic Information

  • UniversityUniversidad de Valladolid
  • Center
  • DepartmentGeography


The LACASIG laboratory offers TRAINING, INVESTIGATION and CONSULTING services in the following sectors:
  • Basic and thematic mapping for all types of applications:
    • Territory planning and urban planning
    • Inventory of the environment and landscape
    • Natural Resources Planning
    • Environmental evaluation of plans and programs
    • Agriculture, forest resources
    • Geomarketing and market research
    • Culture and heritage
    • Demography
    • Social facilities
    • Transport, logistics and network analysis
    • Geostatistics and spatial distribution of variables and mathematical indices
    • Land uses (CORINE, SIOSE, crops and uses, etc.)
    • Geology, geomorphology, soils and mineral resources
    • Environmental Impact Assessment of projects
    • Meteorological and climatic studies
    • Hydrography
    • Historical mapping
    • Aerial photography (historical, orthophotos, PNOA, landscape ...) and satellite images.
  • Cartography, GIS and Internet:
    • Cartographic viewers
    • WMS and WFS servers
    • Publication of maps on the Web (API’s)
    • Spatial Data Infrastructures (IDEE’s)

Other information

Number of researchers:


Technological Line(s):

- Laboratories and research centers

Development status:

Commercialized or in the market

Applicability of technology:



2505 - Geography

Other members:

Ignacio Molina de la Torre
Basilio Calderón Calderón
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Guillermo Calonge Cano
Jose María Delgado Urrecho
Alipio García de Celis
Esther Gil Álvarez
JUan Carlos Guerra Velasco
Fernando Manero Miguel
Fernando Molinero Hernando
Henar Pascual Ruiz-Valdepeñas
Ramón Pellitero Ondicol
Purificación Ruiz Flaño
Enrique Serrano Cañadas



Other resources

Tríptico LACASIG
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